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Ineffectiveness of "Do It Yourself": cockroaches are better able to hide you to find them and their egg cases are naturally protected from insecticides. Without the equipment, products and expertise, your war against them may be lost before.

Customers both councils, institutions, condominiums, golf courses, hospitals, hotels, large commercial facilities, food industries, non-food industries, schools, rural areas, event areas, industrial estates we communicate the high efficiency of our products , etc.


Cockroaches belong to a group home phylogenetically very old, dating back to the Silurian and has few changes from the Devonian (320 million years). Are included in the order Dictyoptera, suborder Blattodea. They are easily distinguishable from the beetles by its dorso-ventrally flattened body and possess very flexible antennas, looking threads. Night show clear preferences. There are more than 3,500 species, but almost all outdoor living and do not penetrate into the houses. The synanthropic they do and are confined in corners, especially the dark and warm (coolers radiators, for example) and water pipes temporarily dry (laundry drains, sewers, etc..). Only one of the species is preserved habits frequent fliers and maritime tropical and semitropical areas.


Their dispersion is closely linked to human activity.

Their jaws are massive structures, chew-chewing type. Each has a series of teeth facing distal midline and is provided with an area proximal molar function crusher. The jaws are activated by powerful muscles that swing across.


Behind and within a couple of jaws jaws. Each has a five-sensitive palp segments and ends in two parts: one is provided with a sharp lacinia tooth and other protective cap looking. Constitutes the last depression labium mouth. Is constituted by a pair of appendages merged and directed to a pair of feelers short trisegmentados, showing, distally, four small lobes as well as a pair and another pair glossae paraglossae.


They also have two other closely related structures with the mouthparts: in the former there is a shield formed by a rough rectangular sclerite between the maxillae and hypopharynx is average tongue is an organ leading to the opening of the common salivary duct . All these structures form a preoral space, behind which, opposite of the true mouth, another cavity, is the cibarial. While the cockroach eat, saliva is first poured over the food, which is then pierced by the teeth of the lecinas and elevated to the anterior surface of the hypopharynx. This then pushes the food between the teeth and jaw molars processes grind it.


Finally, the resulting liquid mass is cibarium and sucked into the mouth passes into action cibáricos and esophageal muscles.

Their eggs are aligned two by two on a ooteca, which is expelled out, although some species can transport for some weeks.


In some species may be parthenogenetic. The number of eggs varies by species. Grouping can emit pheromones in immature stages. They are omnivorous.


Among the most common cockroach species can be considered: the German cockroach Blattella germanica or, which is the most common in America and Europe, the black Blatta orientalis, somewhat less common in our American dollars and Periplaneta americana.


There are very resistant to common insecticides and population density may be high in certain locations (kitchens etc.) Which is very difficult to eradicate, especially taking refuge in inaccessible places (suspended ceilings, kitchen furniture corners, culverts etc. .).


By eating humans can contaminate food with bacteria, especially salmonella, with cysts of protozoa, virus, especially Coxsackie, and Aspergillus fungi that carry after contact with feces in the sewers where they take refuge.

Different experiences cockroaches were found to be associated with bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and helminths.


With respect to bacteria have been found in natural conditions forty species related to these insects. Further research has been conducted by checking that may carry either the body surface or in the intestine the following bacteria:


- Leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae)

- Bubonic plague (Pasteurella pestis)

- Dysentery (Shigella alkalescens)

- Infantile diarrhea (Shigella paradysenteriae)

- Urinary tract infections (Pseudomonas aeruginosa)

- Inflammation and abscesses (Staphylococcus aureus)

- Formation of pus (Staphylococuus spp)

- Urogenital and intestinal infections (Escherichia coli)

- Enteric fevers and gastroenteritis (Salmonella schottmuelleri, S. Bredeney and S. oranienburg)

- Gastroenteritis (Paracolobactrum aerogenoides, P. Coliform and Salmonella morbificana)

- Intestinal infections (Salmonella anatis)

- Tyfoidea Fever (Salmonella typhosa)


The Helminthosporium are the 2nd largest group of organisms that transmit pathogens cockroaches. 7 species have been found inside eggs cockroaches and other species have appeared in the feces. (Shistosoma haematobium, Taenia saginata, Ascaris lumbricoides, Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus).

They are also natural intermediate hosts 12 species (Hymenolepis nana, Moniliformis moniliformis, Gonylonemaneoplasticum, Spirura gastrophila and Oxyspirura mansoni).


Several studies show that roaches can acquire, maintain and excrete certain viruses. (Coxsackie virus and several breeds of poliomyelitis. Suspects also are vectors of infectious hepatitis).

4 have been reported pathogenic protozoa. (Balathidium coli histolyca Entamoeba, Giardia intestinalis, Toxoplasma gondii).


Aspergillus fumigata and A. Niger, associated with pathological conditions have been reported as hosts of cockroaches.

For years it has documented problems in the body due to contact with cockroaches: dermatitis, edema of the eyelids, other effects on different body parts. There are rare irritation in sensitive individuals by secretions from cockroaches and allergic reactions.

Cockroaches have been identified as vectors of allergies in 1964 (Berton, HS) and have been associated with asthma.


To minimize its effects is necessary to protect food from his touch, especially those who have not suffered a subsequent sterilization by heat in the cooking process.


The fight against them is not easy for her ability to cantonment displacement nooks and sewers, packaging and transport in resistance to insecticides. On the other hand, proper decontamination techniques that are simple and require no demand from building projects without cracks or crevices, filters, drains, etc.. the use of jets of fire, highly toxic and waste disposal would feed those that can. In cities such campaigns should be synchronous for easy movement of these insects from one building to another.




Cockroaches is known for damages occurring in food touching and injury lies not in the material they eat, but in the contamination of these foods for their secretions, a characteristic disagreeable odor and bacteria, viruses and protozoa They carry after contact with feces nesting sewers.


Regarding bacteria were found more than thirty related to cockroaches, it is true that these insects are carriers of disease, but there is no direct relationship between a disease and a particular cockroach species also has been checking on research that can lead either on the surface of your body or gut a contaminating bacteria residing in the trash or they walk and eat feces, producing the following diseases: leprosy, bubonic plague, dysentery, infantile diarrhea, urinary tract infections and intestinal inflammation and training pus, gastroenteritis, enteric fever and typhoid. Several studies show that roaches can acquire, maintain and excrete certain viruses, being vectors of infectious hepatitis.

There is documentation of problems with cockroaches as contact dermatitis, edema of the eyelids and nose, constant watery eyes, sneezing. It's easy to trigger irritation or allergic reaction to secretions from cockroaches.


Cockroaches have been identified as carriers of allergies associated with asthma. The source causing the allergy to cockroaches is in your body, secretions, eggs and droppings found in house dust. There are several routes of infection

Inhalation of allergens body and feces residents, produces asthma in subjects sensitive to cockroach extract.


The ingestion of food contaminated by cockroaches, we must keep in mind that these allergens are heat stable, not affected by cooking.


By contact when handling or touching cockroaches, is the case of cleaning lab workers or pest.


Another way is by injection, local reactions are caused by bites cockroaches.


The company HYGIENE CONTROL MONTER SL, pest control technicians, wants to help through its website to the provision of timely, accessible and relevant. For any questions please contact our specialists in disinfecting and exterminating. We work in Cartagena, Murcia and Alicante.


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Customers both councils, institutions, residents, golf courses, hospitals, hotels, large commercial facilities, food industries, non-food industries, schools, rural areas, event areas, industrial estates we communicate the high efficiency of our products etc..





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