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Urban commensal rodents are present in the subsurface primary way of all cities. The most effective control begins with taking steps to warn and prevent access to the facilities. Whether you are looking like prevention have already agreed. CHILDREN MONTER and gives you the most effective and safe solution tailored to your particular case:

- Thorough inspection and a free no-obligation diagnosis at the time.

- Analysis of the structural and hygiene to prevent the attraction, access or the presence of rodents, and security for sensitive environments (children, pets, etc ...).

- Elimination of rodents present is by active high security measures.

- Tracking prevention ensuring lasting effectiveness.

So, you will benefit the welfare of a rodent-free environment, with the added welfare systems of knowing that we use for that pose no additional risk.

There will be a shock treatment, using baits misicumarinicos in places affected by rats such as: stairs ceilings, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, offices. These baits will be introduced in booths or tubes which will protect the environment and atmospheric phenomena like rain and humidity, these tubes are placed at a distance of 20 meters from each other.

This product mentioned above is highly requested by rodents not only for its food itself, but also by incorporating the same product MONTER of sexual attraction, attracting different species to a distance of 100 meters. Its action is slow and cumulative and the rodent does not realize that violent poisons ingested, they stop eating.

Powders used also contact areas and underground cable transformers, being the property of them, very effective because as the name implies, only step on and lick its paws and fur, and rats ingesting the product from the initiation of pass this until his death six to seven days.





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